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The operator PHOBOS is a swing gate electromechanical motor for residential use, ideal to automate leaves up to 400 kg and 2,5 meters. Made by BFT, over the years many different versions have been proposed, both 24 V and 20 V.

In particular, in this article we’re going to examine the features and the main spare parts of the latest model, the PHOBOS AC A25, that replaces the old PHOBOS N 220 V.

My PHOBOS N is broken… can I replace it or do I have to change the whole installation?

The PHOBOS N 220 V is no longer in production and BFT doesn’t provide it anymore, but don’t worry: the PHOBOS AC A25, a swing gates motor 220 V, has been developed and made to fully replace the old PHOBOS N.

This means that if you have a gate automated with two motors PHOBOS N and one of them broke, you can replace the damaged gate opener with the new PHOBOS AC A25, leave the still working PHOBOS N on the other leaf and keep using your automatic gate.

In addition, you won’t need to replace the control unit of the gate opener nor the anchoring brackets of the motor; the only difference between the old motor and the new one is purely on an aesthetic level.

But which are the main spare parts available for the PHOBOS AC A25?


(code P935098 00002)

By CLICKING HERE you can find the complete swing gates electromechanical operator PHOBOS AC A25.

With the operator, the anchoring brackets and the condenser are also provided.


(code D113811 00002)

The control unit of the motor PHOBOS AC A25 is the ALENA.

This model of control unit for operators is very easy to programme because it has no display, but it has a built-in radio receiver for the remotes series MITTO and the terminal blocks with the classical BFT coloring.

The ALENA can replace both the ALTAIR P and the ARIES P, and if you need this control unit you can find it by CLICKING HERE.


Where can I find the others available spare parts for the PHOBOS AC A25?

If you’re looking for the Teflon spindle nut (code S100006 10005) that slides on the endless screw of the operators PHOBOS AC, you can find it CLICKING HERE. Remember that this nut works only for the operators PHOBOS AC and BT.

If instead you’re looking for the set of half shells that contain the Teflon nut in the joint (code I100012 10002), by CLICKING HERE you can find the spare part for you. Even in this case, the half shells work only for the operators PHOBOS A and AC.

If you’re looking for the secondary reduction kit for the PHOBOS N and PHOBOS AC A25 (code I105808), by CLICKING HERE you can find them.

See you soon!

Please remember that these are just suggestions and, if you have any doubts, you have to contact specialized personnel.


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