1.0 Introduction

The present document regulates the conditions of sales between SEGEMA snc (hereinafter called Shop) and the natural or legal person who acquires the goods (hereinafter called Purchaser).

SEGEMA snc has the administrative headquarters in Roma, Via San Giovanni in Argentella, 51 00131 ROMA - VAT IT10773171003 and the business offices are in Via Quarto Sant'Antonio 48 – 00047 Loc. Frattocchie - in Marino in the province of Rome, address also used as a mailing address.

2.0 Sales model
Our Shop sell online exclusively through the website linked to it. In particular the Shop is available from the following address:

  • shopsegema.eu

No other website or address not mentioned above is linked to our business.

Everyone can sign in and become Purchaser, but we reserve the right to remove the registrations of the customers that do not respect the conditions of sale or have a behavior that represents a danger of the Shop or for other Purchasers. The removal could be permanent or temporary in our sole discretion and without notice for out part.

In particular on shopsegema.eu sales with no registration are permitted on our website. The user that will choose this purchase method benefits the same rights of a registered customer, but they won't have access to the reserved area that allows to manage the personal data, control the orders and follow the shipments.

Our company is rightly registered in the online dispute resolution platform at European level. If the user is not satisfied with our service and cannot resolve his problem with our customer service, he may ask the platform by clicking on this link:


We would like to clarify that the complaint should always be submitted first to us, in order to give us the chance to quickly resolve the problem of the Purchaser. The possibility to submit a complaint through the platform should be a last resort measure, when the customer believes he has been wronged and cannot resolve his problem with our customer service.

3.0 Payments

We accept different payment methods. Some forms could have an additional cost due to commissions imposed by our partner. The payment methods accepted by our Shop are:

  • Credit cart (through PayPal)

  • PayPal account

  • AmazonPay

The methods Credit Card and PayPal both take place on the website www.paypal.it or through the HiPay service and are carried out in secure and encrypted connection. This is the best method, because the result of the transaction will be immediately defined and our system automatically starts to work the practice.

4.0 Privacy

Who ordered via this website, accepts and examines the following mandatory information: the data collected during the order will be used only to provide the service and/or supply products purchased and comply with regulatory, accounting, management and operational requirements. You are hereby informed that in pursuance of Italian Legislative d.lgs 196/2003, laying down rules for the protection of persons and other subjects regarding the processing of personal data, SEGEMA di Marchetti M. e De Luca B. is the processing owner of the personal data you supply or acquired within the scope of our activity.

The processing of personal data implies their collection, recording, organization, storage, consultation, processing, change, selection, retrieval, comparison, utilization, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, erasing and destruction, or the combination of two or more of these operations.

The personal data you provide may be processed for the following purposes:

  • provide the service and/or supply products purchased;

  • in relation to pre-contractual, contractual or legal obligations, exclusively for administration-accountability purposes;

  • to put into effect the transaction that the user is making;

  • in order to comply with law obligations;

  • for operational, regulatory, fiscal and managerial purposes;

The data shall not be communicated to other individuals, except the forwarder charged with the dispatch of the goods, neither will be subject to "diffusion" to any third party.

The following data will be collected:

  • User's first and last name;

  • User's full address;

  • personal e-mail address;

  • telephone number;

  • VAT identification number regularly registered on the VIES database (only if an invoice is needed, and in any case if Company or self-employed manager).

The data requested are necessary, and in the absence of even one of them it won't be possible to supply the goods or provide the service, because we would not be able to cover the pre-contractual, contractual, legal and fiscal obligations.

The processing of the data will be carried out in a manner that guarantees its confidence and security and may also be performed through paper and/or automated means capable of memorizing, managing and transmitting the data.
We also inform you that the art. 13 of the d.lgs 196/2003 grants to the citizen specific rights. In particular, a data subject shall have the right to obtain from the Controller the existence or otherwise of their own personal data, and their communication in intelligible shape. The data subject may also ask to know the origin of the data and the logic and purposes upon which it is processed, to obtain the [...] cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data handled in violation of the law, as well as updating, correction or, if interested, integration of data, to oppose, for legitimate reasons, the treatment itself.

Further details regarding the processing and disclosure of your personal data can be requested in writing to our customer service.

SEGEMA di Marchetti M. e De Luca B. snc also inform you that further details regarding the processing and disclosure of your personal data can be made in writing to the data controller Mr. BRUNO DE LUCA.

5.0 Condition of withdrawal

As envisaged in European regulations, the Purchaser1 has 14 calendar days from the reception of the goods to exercise his right of withdrawal. We wish to point out that this right, expressly confirmed by European regulations, also establish that the goods should be returned in the same conditions as received. Therefore the packaging shall be return whole and the goods must be in resaleable conditions (not worn out, dirty or in such conditions that it is impossible to sell it as a new object).

The right of withdrawal provides the customer with a way to have an afterthought after the purchasing and doesn't enter in any way in the arguments on warranty and replacement, which are discussed in section 6.0.

In case of partial dispatch of the received goods2, the amount reimbursed will consist only the returned goods.

Confections, packages and objects that have been used or aren't in the original conditions will not be accepted. As well as send back the object or objects, the Purchaser shall fill the specific form, placed inside the package or downloadable by clicking here or anyway he has to be authorized by our staff to send back the goods. Therefore, before sending back he has to wait for the acceptance by the Shop of the withdrawal request.
Once the product or the products are received and after checking the conditions of the goods, if this meets the above-mentioned standards, within 30 days we will refund to the Purchaser the total amount of the purchase, including the initial shipping costs.

PAY ATTENTION: as established by the European Court of Justice, the shipping costs that the Purchaser bear to return the goods will not be refunded.

6.0 Warranty3

As a general observation to all the warranty conditions indicated below, we wish to clarify that the warranty concerns always and in any case the manufacturing defects or the handling defects occurring prior to the sale. Therefore, in general, the warranty does not cover damage or alteration incurred directly or indirectly caused by the final user or the installer as a result of incorrect fitment or misuse. The authorization or otherwise of the repair or replacement under warranty is defined by our technical service, to facilitate this task photographic proof of the damaged product may be requested.

6.1 Finished products (24-MONTH STANDARD WARRANTY)

Unless otherwise indicated, all the products (not the spare parts, whose warranty conditions are indicated in a further paragraph) on sale on the Shop have a warranty period of 24 months from the moment of the sale. The time starts from the date shown on the receipt. The warranty conditions are those laid down by the producers of the goods. For the sake of clarity, in the following section there is a selection of conditions where the goods cannot be substituted under warranty:

  • object has been tampered or not adequately kept

  • object with damaged casing

  • electronic boards clearly exposed to humidity, water, solvents and other agents that can cause malfunction potentially irreversible

  • objects not accompanied by the proper document stating the purchase from our Shop (commercial invoice)

  • objects with damage caused by non-qualified personnel

  • objects not properly used

  • objects with worn-out batteries

Should the Purchaser wishes to initiate a procedure for warranty replacement, he will have to use the methodology set out hereinafter:

Contact our warranty service to the e-mail address assistenza@segema.net or through the contacts module, or through the WhatsApp number and notify the defective item or items, the name and last name, the date of purchase. At this point, the Shop will send you a code to be affixed on the box and the Purchaser may send at their own expense the goods that subsequently shall be sent back under warranty
PAY ATTENTION: shipments which do not have clearly written out on the box our authorization number will not be accepted.

WARNINGS: the despatch of the goods by the Purchaser or the take out of the goods by the Shop does not indicate that the warranty replacement will be applied. Only when the goods are made available to our technical staff and are checked, we’ll be able to establish if it’s a warranty replacement or not. If the warranty replacement is not accepted, a document will be sent to the Purchaser where the reasons why the warranty replacement can’t be carried out are explained and the Purchaser will be thus able to decide if he wants back the goods in the state they were sent or if he wants to purchase new products. Both these two last options are fee-paying for the Purchaser.

6.2 Spare parts (24-MONTH SPARE PARTS WARRANTY)4

Are considered spare parts all those products (both electrical and mechanical components) which cannot function properly if they are not properly incorporated inside a product and therefore have to be considered components of it.

The spare parts benefit from their 24-month guarantee of a sale too, but being products that cannot autonomously operate and have to be assembled along with other components, this assembly should be performed in a skillfully manner by competent personnel. To authorize or not a warranty on a spare part our technical personnel will require to verify the proper use of the spare part, with dialogue with the person which has dealt with the repair and use of the product.

No repair or substitution under warranty will be authorized if the person that has used the product cannot provide adequate explanations to our technical personnel.

Particular cases where the guarantee expires are:

  • Incorrect mechanical assembly (such as to cause an extremely fast wear of it).

  • Wrong electrical connection

  • Neglect in the mechanical closing such as water and moisture penetrate inside.

  • Incorrect and improper use of the spare part.

  • Improper use of the spare part or the component.

  • Change made by the user to the functioning of the product, if these were not suggested by the manufacturer.

6.3 Repair/exchange waiting time under warranty based on the manufacturer

Our company distributes products from different manufacturers and that apply different times and warranty policies. Here below a generic scheme depending on the category and the manufacturer on the warranty times. In addition, it should be noted that the warranty time of the manufacturer in any way is tied to the mode of the supply of the warranty, for which reference should always be made to the section 6.1 and 6.2 of these General Conditions of Sale. The Purchaser is free to contact directly the manufacturer to ask if he can make a claim under this warranty to them.

We wish to clarify some derogations to sections 6.1 and 6.2 in line with the indications provided by the manufacturer.

      1. BFT product warranty : it establishes a 24-month standard warranty on every finished product, therefore fully applicable the warranty conditions to the section 6.1 and for the spare parts the conditions to the section 6.2.

      2. NICE product warranty: it establishes a 24-month warranty with the feature that the electronic products (boards, control units, receivers and remote controls) should be sent directly to the technical assistance, to consider the real possibility for warranty service. This makes the possible replacement and shipping back of the goods slower compared to the standard procedure.

      3. GIBIDI product warranty: it establishes a 24-month standard warranty on every finished product, therefore fully applicable the warranty conditions to the section 6.1 and for the spare parts the conditions to the section 6.2.

      4. PROTECO product warranty: it establishes a 24-month standard warranty except a few products for which is provided an extension to 36 months, that information is placed on the products picture on out website. On every finished product, therefore fully applicable the warranty conditions to the section 6.1 and for the spare parts the conditions to the section 6.2.

      5. STAFER product warranty: it establishes a 24-month standard warranty on every finished products except the tubular motors series V6, V6M without on-board electronic, for which is established a warranty period of 120 months (10 years), therefore fully applicable the warranty conditions to the section 6.1 and for the spare parts the conditions to the section 6.2.

      6. ABEXO product warranty: it establishes a 24-month standard warranty on every finished product, therefore fully applicable the warranty conditions to the section 6.1 and for the spare parts the conditions to the section 6.2.

      7. SEGEMA product warranty: it establishes a 24-month standard warranty on every finished product, therefore fully applicable the warranty conditions to the section 6.1 and for the spare parts the conditions to the section 6.2.

7.0 Shipment

The most important part of our jobs is to try to satisfy the visitor on our website seeking to make him become a customer and providing him with information as detailed as possible linked to exclusive services which can be found only on our e-store. On the product page and on the cart page are available some useful information to achieve a better understanding of the purchase. In particular are indicated: the availability of the product and its maximum waiting time from the order (if the product is available).

The availability of our products is changing continuously also based on the daily purchases that take place on our website, for this reason we have different levels of time frames (the availability are updates every working day from Monday to Friday):

  • On stock: it means that at least one product is available and it will be sent as soon as possible. In general, the orders made from Monday to Friday by noon are shipped immediately, after noon the following day.

  • Shipped in 7 days max.: is a product usually available but that has to be supplied and will therefore be shipped within 7 days from the order.

  • Shipped in 15 days max. : is a product that is specifically ordered and therefore has a longer processing time.

9.0 Shipping costs
The shipping cost is based on the following charts:


From € 0,00 to € 149,00

From € 149,01 to € 249,00

From € 249,01 to 399,00

Over € 399,01





Rarely it can occur that some areas are considered disadvantaged. This because is usually located in a place geographically difficult to access, or because is part of a country but is geographically and politically set apart from it (Netherlands Antilles, French Guyana, etc…). In these rare cases, the couriers apply supplements. Because there is no way to know before the purchase if a place is disadvantaged or not, if the order has to be shipped in those areas, we will warn the customer that there is a surcharge. If the customer agreed to pay the difference we will ship, otherwise we cancel the order and make the refund.

We are perfectly aware that the shipping costs often are an obstacle for an online order, for this reason we are constantly working so that the sum of the prices of our products with the addition of the shipping costs is within the market parameters.

1It therefore merely refers to a private purchaser and therefore to the sell B2C, the right of withdrawal shall not apply in the sales B2B between companies.

2Partial dispatch means only a part of the products of an order that has several of them.

3The warranty indicated below refers to a sell to a private purchaser and therefore B2C. In case of sell to companies, therefore sell B2B, the warranty always last 12 months.

4The warranty indicated below refers to a sell to a private purchaser and therefore B2C. In case of sell to companies, therefore sell B2B, the warranty always last 12 months

5In these countries the shipping costs are based on the total value of the cart (shipping costs excluded, VAT included).